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Like this book of Peter Matthieson’s, In The Spirit of Crazy Horse, it talks about that me and Bob Robideau knew about this guy who was coming to the camp that day and that he was bringing dynamite to us and that guy now claims that he is Mr. X. Well, there is no Mr. X. There was no man coming to our camp that day bringing dynamite. Those are all lies created to keep Leonard in jail longer.”

Dino Butler discussing Mr. X, the non existent dynamite purveyor and shooter of Williams and Coler.

“THERE IS NO” – “THERE WAS NO” strikes me as being about as declarative as  is possible in the language.

Never seemed to phase the Peltier and AIM camps though-they just kept on repeating the same story until Peltier’s most recent attorney Kuzma admitted what has been long known-the weight, the burden, of attempting to sustain the lie was too much of a liability, a liability that paid no dividends.

But in doing so it attracted too much attention, left a vacancy, something akin to those sinkholes we’ve been reading about lately.

By Crow Dogs own words dirt was brought in from another location to fill the graves following WK2-there may not have been enough left over following that so after outing LPDOC and Peltier for lying about Mr.X the next best thing was to attempt to shift the focus.

Enter Frank DeLuca/Blackhorse and Theda Nelson Clark-give the public and the faithful something new to chew on-stick a binky in their mouth to distract and pacify them.

Now obviously neither may have the dramatic impact of a delivery boy from Dynamite Hut but time was of the essence and the substitutes  did have a measure of name recognition.

An A for effort and an F for transparency.

Word floats around that Theda may have rolled over to protect a family member, Dusty Nelson, also known as John Yellowood Star, from being prosecuted in the murder of Johnny Moore-but Theda herself could have used a little protection for her role in the abduction and murder of Annie Mae.

Combining those needs strengthens the case.

And Deluca/Blackhorse the ferret like stay in the background candidate number two, and one time homey of Peltier? Another good suspect, and no doubt deservedly so-but what we should all consider is the track record of AIM and LPDOC -their eagerness to supply the candidates and maybe not jump on the bandwagon as quickly as they hoped for.

I have little doubt Theda and Blackhorse provided information, but I don’t believe singularly or combined they are THE informant-I think the greater likelihood is that all of the AIM hierarchy have provided information when it served their best interests, and the aggregate of those doing so is THE informant.

Each facing potential personal threats, each with a personal involvement in shared and separate events, each with an individual liability, and each with an individual perspective and story to relate, and for some influence to exert. And for sure each chasing the dollar.

A veritable smorgasbord of information to feast on. Of course “gifts” would have been exchanged-information for freedom….and with that a liability for both parties.

Too much pressure during the four plus decades, too many questions being asked necessitated at least a token response.

Enter Arlo Looking Cloud and John Graham-guilty as hell in the abduction murder of Annie Mae Aquash, and low hanging fruit.

Nobodies- their conviction and absence from the AIM structure has negligible impact as far as the day to day operation-the status quo is maintained, and hopefully the outcry will abate in adding that a partial justice has been delivered with more to come that will result from an “ongoing investigation”.

The expectations and waiting for further indictments will end when the rest of the leadership has passed on- I believe that is the game plan-drag it out, nobody lives forever right?

An appropriate question to ask would be if the above scenario is accurate is, then with all the information how and why was AIM allowed to continue? I’d say follow the money trail as obscure as it may be.

What money? How about the money a uranium deal would generate for starters?


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